Get a Job!

Want to get ahead of the rest in your search for a job in the Canary Islands?

We have received hundreds of emails from jobseekers asking us for information on how to get a job in the Canaries and we have decided to write a guide which should help you in your goal of securing a job.

With over 25 years experience in the Canary Islands we have produced an extensive 6 page e-document which we hope will help you along the way in your goal of securing a job in the Canaries. It contains valuable information and tips on how to go about your search for a job.

Click below and after completing the payment you’ll be taken straight to the document where you can download and print it. The document is in PDF format so you may need to install Adobe reader (free) here.


Please note that this document does not guaranteee you will get a job! Our document aims to provide you with useful and valuable information which should help you achieve your goal.